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We help healthcare and pharma brands win every Critical Moment™ Healthcare systems are becoming increasingly complex, and our customers harder to reach and engage. Identifying and winning the Critical Moments™ in a brand lifecycle is the key to unlocking growth. We deliver remote, personalised coaching fusing a world-class faculty, curriculum and artificial intelligence, to inspire optimum performance at every Critical Moment™.
remote coaching
We design and deliver personalised online coaching & training solutions covering every Critical Moment™ in the brand lifecycle.
Fusing human and artificial intelligence We fuse human and artificial intelligence with a world-class faculty and curriculum, served by a cutting-edge platform with AI driven insights.
healthcare systems
We have an unrivalled understanding of the increasingly complex challenges healthcare brands face when commercialising a drug or healthcare product.
people performance
We inspire your team to grow in order to maximise performance at every Critical Moment™ in the brand lifecycle.
Mindset > Skillset > Toolset
  • Mindset

    Our programmes inspire your team to be both confident and motivated to perform at every Critical Moment™, whether in the office or working from home.
  • Skillset

    We build programmes that enable your team to succeed by upskilling (improving existing skills), reskilling (building new skills) and deskilling (unlearning obsolete skills).
  • Toolset

    We build programmes that train commercial teams to maximise the value from your tools and digital assets in the remote environment.

We have coaches in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy and Spain

  • 7000
    Coached over 7,000
    Critical Moments™
  • 10x
    Client market share
    increased 10x in
    less than a year
  • 80%
    Client virtual call
    rate increased by
    80% in 6 months
  • 30
    A partner to over 30
    pharma and healthcare
    companies in the last year
We are part of NeoHealthHub.

NeoHealthHub is a group of companies offering integrated growth solutions to help you identify, prepare and win every Critical Moment™ in the pharmaceutical and healthcare brand lifecycle.

  • Personalised coaching to inspire optimum performance at every Critical Moment™.
  • Providing prolific access to key healthcare decision makers in order to create and win Critical Conversations™. Visit Site
  • Understanding Critical Moments™ using award-winning intelligent data solutions. Visit Site