Take your global
capability development to
the next level with Pace

Pace is a next-generation capability development platform that gives global healthcare and pharmaceutical teams on-demand access to world-class performance coaches, resources and tools.

Why choose Pace?
Proven results
  • 4000+

    Sessions delivered

  • 4.8/5

    Overall coach rating from our members based on 4,000 sessions

  • 4.9/5

    Programme delegates* rated the value of our personal mentoring

    (*Personalised programme build for 130 delegates in 2021)

  • 500

    coaching slots available per week

Core platform features
  • Access and manage bespoke capability development programmes

  • Integrated with Zoom and Microsoft Teams for remote 121 and group coaching sessions

  • Schedule and manage 121 and group coaching sessions

  • Organisation and team administrator privileges for user and credit management and access to reports

  • Questionnaires measure bespoke KPIs across your team, organisation and programme

  • Integrated real-time downloadable reports and benchmarking

  • Integrated AI functionality to reveal hidden communication insights from session records (optional functionality)

  • Earn experience and achievements for completing milestones

  • Community forum

  • Access and download up-to-date resources

  • Coach messaging

  • Notification system

  • Live customer support

  • Secure and compliant with GDPR regulations

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